HE used my mom.

I really believe in the saying, “Moms know best”. Whenever I seek advice from my nanay, it is always the best advice. It puts me on the right track. It gives best results.

The 30th anniversary celebration of CFC-FFL was the best day of my life. Kuya EJ [Aguila, a fulltime worker] was talking about our calling in our community. Be it priesthood, marriage, single blessedness, etc. Then he told us to embrace our family, my sisters embraced tatay and I embraced nanay. I closed my eyes and I immediately began to cry. I maybe felt the comfort I needed from the problems I have been facing these past few weeks. But that wasn’t the sole reason. We all began to sing “Blessed”. The song was perfect for that moment. I really felt the song. While singing, I talked to God. I told Him, “Lord, Ikaw na po bahala sa akin. Kung ano po yung nararapat para sa akin, tatanggapin ko po. Kung ano po yung plano Mo para sa akin, let Your will be done.” Then I felt that nanay embraced me tighter. After that, I had a vision. I saw a silhouette of a family. I knew that God was talking to me. After a few seconds, while still singing the song, I had a vision once again, but this time it is a vision of my family right beside me. My future family. My future wife and kids. Tears fell harder on my face. I continued singing the song, TODO BIGAY! After the song, I answered God, “Lord, maraming salamat po”.

I joined this community last 2006. As a teenager, I was still confused on what future am I going to have. We all have our own ambitions and dreams. But it is really God who knows what is best for us. Sometimes, we might not like it. We just have to trust in Him and be faithful to him.

Our God used my nanay to tell me what is in store for me in the future.  After all, moms know best.

Happy 30th anniversary CFC-FFL!

I am blessed to be a part of this community!

-Gian Cabuena

CFC YFL District of Gumaca


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  1. ..God’s Blessing of a Family and Community..

    Yesterday was the pearl anniversary of the whole CFC community (on both global & FFL). Pondering about things, blessings, gifts, concerns, happiness, sadness and most of all HIS unending graces, I couldn’t stop crying in awe of HIM… It was last May 4, 1996 when my parents joined CFC, way back then being their eldest, I was then asked by them to join a kid’s camp in 1999, it was just all play for me. But maybe the Lord really wanted all of us to be in this community. In the years, 2001 & 2002, me and my brother joined its youth ministry. And as they all said, what happened next is history. Being in the community is not a bed of roses nor something that you can just boast upon, but the whole community taught my parents & us their children, the value of relationship which is based upon LOVE, TRUST, HOPE, FAITH & most especially ENDURANCE.

    It was in the year, 2009 when the Lord allowed us to carry our redemptive cross; it was a grueling year for me and for my family. But as I also remembered and shared upon, I have not question HIM or inculcate a feeling of grudges towards HIM, and it’s all maybe because He really planned it for me and for my family. This had me realize more the importance of family, love and faith towards HIM and HIS PLANS FOR ME & FOR MY FAMILY.

    February 2011 is the day the Lord has made, His promises were kept for our family and our 2 year- family prayer & wish were granted.

    These experiences made us the family we are today. And CFC community is HIS WAY of channeling HIS graces towards us. I wouldn’t be the same Ira, I used to be if it wasn’t for my parents who first said YES TO HIM & HIS CALLING TO SERVE HIM IN CFC and eventually taking us, their family in this cause. Me and my brother, would always be and forever grateful and honored being their children.

    The Lord loves me this much and my family. And as my favorite life verse entails in Jer.29:11, FOR I KNOW THE PLANS I HAVE FOR YOU, PLANS FOR YOUR FUTURE & NOT WOE. I am always excited and ever ready of what greater and exemplary things HE is to do with me & my family. And I know whatever it is that HE is to mold me, I would always have HIS blessings and graces poured upon me & my family.

    Again, Happy 30th Anniversary CFC! Continue touching and renewing families to illuminate God’s radiance present in each & everyone.

    – Ira Zoe Seguenza
    CFC YFL District of San Pablo

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