Heart of the Matter: Frank and Gerry Padilla

Frank and Gerry Padilla are ordinary people tasked with an extraordinary
mission. Frank founded Couples for Christ in 1981, and through the next 30
years brought CFC to more than a million people in 160 countries around the
world. They are both part of the Pontifical Council for the Family and are
serving their second term. Frank is also a Papal Awardee of St. Sylvester.
They continuously travel, speaking on faith, family and life to the four
corners of the world. They have been married for 40 years and live in
Antipolo City, Philippines.

They both have had their share of obstacles and controversies, but they
manage to focus on God and on what He is asking them to do for the
re-evangelization of the world. They have the support of their 5 children, 2
children-in-law and 6 grandchildren, their community Couples for Christ
Foundation for Family and Life and numerous people within and outside CFC

Listen to their story, and where the Lord is taking them next.

What is “Heart of the Matter”?
Everyone on this Earth has a call to change the world in his or her
own way. Though sometimes, we think of ourselves as ordinary and in no
way are we capable of affecting the world. This show will feature
people who are as ordinary as you and I, but who affected (and
continue to affect) the world in extraordinary ways – all by accepting
their call and role, and by doing everything to fulfill the mission
accorded to them by God. If they can do it, so can we. Watch and
listen to Francesca Sarmiento get to the heart of the matter.

Who is Francesca Sarmiento?
Francesca Sarmiento is a missionary, pro-life advocate, educator,
entrepreneur, culinarian, singer, wife and mother all rolled into one.
She was once assigned as a missionary to India, worked for the kids
and youth ministries’ foreign missions and is now part of Family and
Life Quad Media (FLiQ Media). She also recently spent some time
interning with Real Catholic TV in Detroit, Michigan. She took her
undergraduate studies from the University of the Philippines where she
is currently taking up Masters in Educational Psychology. She has one
daughter and is married to JC (international coordinator of CFC Kids
for Family and Life).

What is Family and Life Update (www.familyandlifeupdate.com)?
Family and Life Update (FALU) brings you pro-life information and real
issues affecting family and life around the world, but especially in Asia
and the Philippines. This is done in three ways:
(1) Newsbits on current pro-life happenings.
(2) Features. Commentaries on issues of interest.
(3) In depth analysis.

Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life (www.cfcffl.net)
Frank Padilla (www.frankpadilla.com)
FLiQ Media (www.facebook.com/fliqmedia)
Kids for Family and Life (www.cfckfl.org)

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  1. …thanks to the founder…the couple Frank and Jerry padilla. Through this community, my faith is strengthened… and learned what is meant to be a Christian. and many more.. My life has been changed to a better one. Maraming Salamat po sa inyong mag-asawa. God bless you always.

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