Heart of the Matter: Lito and Beng Atienza

People say that you cannot defend life and be successful in politics – because you end up compromising your values for who funds your campaign. Lito Atienza debunked this. He is solidly pro-life, and he has been climbing the political ladder ever since. He was Mayor of Manila the time of it’s big development, and turned it around to be a pro-life city.

But is that all just for the sake of politics? We talk to both Lito and his wife Beng to see that what they do is not for show, but is very real. They truly love helping people, promoting the value of life and being servants of the poor.

Watch as we get to the heart of the matter of Lito and Beng Atienza.

What is “Heart of the Matter”?
Everyone on this Earth has a call to change the world in his or her
own way. Though sometimes, we think of ourselves as ordinary and in no
way are we capable of affecting the world. This show will feature
people who are as ordinary as you and I, but who affected (and
continue to affect) the world in extraordinary ways – all by accepting
their call and role, and by doing everything to fulfill the mission
accorded to them by God. If they can do it, so can we. Watch and
listen to Francesca Sarmiento get to the heart of the matter.

Who is Francesca Sarmiento?
Francesca Sarmiento is a missionary, pro-life advocate, educator,
entrepreneur, culinarian, singer, wife and mother all rolled into one.
She was once assigned as a missionary to India, worked for the kids
and youth ministries’ foreign missions and is now part of Family and
Life Quad Media (FLiQ Media). She also recently spent some time
interning with Real Catholic TV in Detroit, Michigan. She took her
undergraduate studies from the University of the Philippines where she
is currently taking up Masters in Educational Psychology. She has one
daughter and is married to JC (international coordinator of CFC Kids
for Family and Life).

What is Family and Life Update (www.familyandlifeupdate.com)?
Family and Life Update (FALU) brings you pro-life information and real
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