HOLINESS, LOVE, FAITH AND SOCIAL MEDIA: Voris challenges the leaders of CFC YFL to be saints


A day after the world celebrated Valentines Day, February 15, 2013 the core servant leaders of CFC Youth for Family and Life had the privilege to listen to renowned speaker, Michael Voris talk on holiness, love and the youth.


“At the end of the day, love is sacrifice,” Voris said. “When you love, you love during the tough times. Love is measured in the toughness of it not in the feel-good of it.”

He further exhorted that when one is becoming holy, one tends to see things more clearly. This clarity, Voris stressed, is found especially in the youth. “You are much more willing to sa

y things directly and this is because of love. Love is direct. It says the truth because of concern for the other.”


For this reason, Voris lengthily discussed the importance of the young in speaking the truth about Christ’s love, no matter what the cost, especially through social media.

“You need to worry about saving the world…and no generation has ever had the opportunity to proclaim the truth than your generation.”

This world we live in, according to Voris, is an indifferent world. He challenged the youth present to “confront the world in its indifference because doing so is the fruit of holiness and love.”

Aware that the youth spend so much time in social media, he said that the Catholic faith should be made public. “You have the opportunity to make your faith public a thousand times a day!”


Standing up as a Catholic today is tough, according to Voris, and he stressed that challenges will come along the way when one starts being noisy about the faith especially in social media. He advised everyone to “pray for courage to do the right things and say the right things.”


Voris called on the youth to be “saints” today. He challenged everyone to be “soldiers” and to be ready to “lay down lives for Christ.”

He, time and time again, directed everyone to the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross and the teachings that came with it.

To end his inspiring talk, Voris left this compelling message to everyone: “Be holy young people. Work hard in being saints. Save the world.”


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