(Part 50)


August 10, 2017

Homosexuality is an intrinsic disorder, is contrary to nature, and so can never be from God, much less a gift from God.

There is no scientific evidence whatsoever, as claimed by homosexualists, that homosexuality is inborn. It is not genetic. Rather, homosexuality is a choice and is culturally conditioned. It is not given by God and it is an option chosen by man.

The gospel is inclusion? Typical liberalspeak. The gospels and the age-old teachings of the Church say rather that those who persist in serious wrongdoing will be excluded at the final judgment, as the goats are segregated from the sheep. The gospel is indeed a narrow door, a demanding love, and is always open …. to those who repent of their sins and turn to faith in Jesus. No one needs to be excluded, but unfortunately they exclude themselves.

Bp Santos does a great disservice in misleading the flock and keeping people content in their sin. He will be judged severely.


Brazilian bishop describes homosexuality as ‘gift from God’

August 09, 2017

During a recent homily, a Brazilian bishop characterized homosexuality as a “gift from God” and lamented “prejudices that kill.”

“If it is not a choice, if it is not a disease, in the perspective of faith it can only be a gift,” Bishop Antônio Carlos Cruz Santos of Caicó preached on July 30. “When you look at homosexuality, you cannot say it’s an option … It’s given by God. But perhaps our prejudices do not get the gift of God.”

“The Gospel par excellence is the Gospel of inclusion,” he continued. “The Gospel is a narrow door, yes, it is a demanding love, but it is a door that is always open.”

The 55-year-old prelate, who is a member of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, stated that a sexual orientation can be lived out “in a dignified, ethical way, or in a promiscuous one. But promiscuity can be lived in any of the orientations.”

He added, “Just as we were able to leap, in the wisdom of the Gospel, and overcome slavery, is it not the time for us to leap, from a perspective of faith, and overcome prejudices against our brothers who experience same-sex attraction?”


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