Human Life International President speaks at CFC FFL Assembly


Internationally renowned Pro-life advocate and speaker, Fr. Shenan Boquet, was the guest speaker of CFC FFL’s monthly assembly last September 13, 2013. Fr. Shenan, who is also the current president of Human Life International, expounded on “love as the language that will change the culture” in his talk, entitled: “The Importance of Language in Changing the Culture.”



Present in the event were representatives from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines Episocopal Commission on Family and Life (CBCP ECFL) and other attendees from different pro-life and religious groups. Notable personalities include: Bishop Gabby Reyes, chairman of CBCP ECFL, Fr. Melvin Castro, executive secretary of CBCP ECFL and Dra. Ligaya Acosta, Regional Coordinator for Asia and Oceania for Human Life International.

Fr. Shenan gave the following important points:

-God doesn’t call us to be “just good;” He calls us to be like HIM.
-He wants us to be free; free to love Him and give Him all of our being.
-We must remember that we start and end with God. If we fail to put this into heart, we will become consumed by the anxieties of the world.
-All of our being was made to proclaim the goodness of God.
-Man needs God otherwise He remains without hope. There is no doubt, therefore, that a kingdom established without God ends up in a perverse end.
-We move from lesser to greater: from ourselves to God.
-We move out from the personal into the world: active engagement. We actively engage ourselves by standing up for family and life despite the prevailing culture of DEATH.
-People need people. The remedy to this dying sense of morality in culture is people.
-We transmit only one message: JESUS CHRIST, who is Love. Love is the language that will change the culture.
-The work of evangelization is our work. We would evangelize if we want to change the culture.