I am alone, but I am not lonely

Menchie Donato is one strong woman. She lost her husband, Ben, while he was on mission in Vanuatu. She and her daughter, Bambi, were left to fend for themselves. But even through that, they continued his missionary calling. Menchie and Bambi both became missionaries, and Menchie continues to be a missionary for the CFC FFL community and goes around the world spreading the truth of God’s love and faithfulness.



  1. Sis Menchie, God sees all through, "you are not really alone", God is always with you wherever you are, she never abandoned us, we are His precious children, He will not fail us. God is Omnipresent and a loving and comfort God. We, your community all over the world loves you and never to forget you, We are there always to pray for you despite of the distances for everyone. God Bless Sis and God loves you!

    • Sis Logy, thank you for your very encouraging words. God is good! He comforts and sustains me through the love and care of my dear sisters in Handmaids for Family & Life all over the world.

  2. Truly inspiring. May God bless you more as you continue to become a blessing to us in the community. You are inspiring me to grow more in my faith. I praise and thank God for you.

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