I cling to His promise.

304120_10151196611160740_1994230713_n(by Raine Eguico)

I firmly believe that dreams do come true. And now at 25, if I have one dream that I hope would come true, it would be going to the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro this coming July.

I was supposed to join the World Youth Day in Madrid two years ago, but it was also the time when I was discerning for my vocation. To cut the long story short, I decided to enter the convent and seek God’s will for me. While I was inside the convent, I knew my lay missionary friends were preparing for the WYD and so I was praying to God that He would give them all the means they needed for them to be able to go there. God answered my prayer! Most of them were able to experience that life-changing event.

Fast forward to 2013, I’m back to lay missionary work after discerning my vocation and realizing that God is calling me to married life. And this year, the next WYD will be happening. It’s definitely an opportunity I would not miss. It would be my first time and so heart just exudes with much excitement and joy! Who wouldn’t want to see the Pope and witness his/her fellow young people who share the same Catholic faith worshiping God in that momentous event? Who wouldn’t want to be a pilgrim if it would be a personal journey with the Lord and that the destination would be that final moment of being one with Him and seeing Him face-to-face? I want to go to the World Youth Day to strengthen my relationship with God even more. My life is so blessed and I am happy but I claim that I can be even happier or even happiest! I believe that the key to having pure joy that cannot be taken away from me is actively participating in all the activities lined up for the WYD. I know that by being a delegate of this event, my life will never be the same. I shall be inspired to pray more, to give more, to share more and to love more. Why? It’s because I’ll have the chance to zero in to Christ. He shall be the center of this event. I shall learn from Him. He shall be the one I will listen to as I desire to be His disciple willing to be sent wherever He wants me to be.

Just a final note: I am entrusted to be an assistant subgroup leader and so far, I have been enjoying it. Of course, the stress would be there especially with the preparation of the documents of the delegates, but nothing compares to the joy and hope each delegate gives me upon seeing their names on my list. At present, we all don’t know how we will get to Brazil due to financial constraints, but I believe that this very challenge is one avenue for us to be really one with the Universal Church’s theme “YEAR of the FAITH.” As long as I keep on believing that this particular dream can come true by God’s grace, I know that I’m not far in seeing it happen before my very eyes.

Faith works wonders. Nothing is impossible with God. I cling to His promise. I know that my dream shall come true.

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