(Part 50)




October 2, 2014


Knowledge of the Bible is crucial to the New Evangelization. This is why one of our LCSC pillars is Live the Word, focusing on promoting the methodology of Liturgical Bible Study (LBS). It is unfortunate that most Catholics do not know the Bible. How can they meet and live Christ if they are ignorant of God’s word as handed to us in writing, as inspired by the Holy Spirit?


All CFC-FFL members should read the Bible everyday, which indeed is part of our covenant. In addition, all should read and reflect on the occasional From the Servant General articles I send out, which are based on the daily scripture readings. Finally, all should read my books, which are all filled with scripture references. Reading my books will bring you to most if not all of the scripture passages that are important for our life and mission.




To the members of the United Bible Societies: “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ”


Vatican City, 29 September 2014 (VIS) – “Yours is the fruit of a patient, careful, fraternal, competent and, above all, faithful work. If you do not believe, you do not understand; if you do not believe, you cannot stand firm”, said the Holy Father to the members of the United Bible Societies, whom he received this morning in the Consistory Hall for the presentation of the Italian language Bible, “Parola del Signore – La Bibbia Interconfessionale in lingua corrente” (“The Word of the Lord – The Interconfessional Bible in current language”). “I hope that this text, which is presented with the blessing of the Italian Episcopal Conference and the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy, will encourage all Italian-speaking Christians to meditate on, life, bear witness to and celebrate God’s message”.

“I would very much like all Christians to be able to learn ‘the sublime science of Jesus Christ’ through frequent reading of the Word of God, as the sacred text offers nourishment for the soul and is the pure and perennial source of the spiritual life of us all”, he added. “We must make every effort so that each believer may read God’s Word, because as Saint Jerome says, ‘ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ’”. The Pope offered his heartfelt thanks to those present for their valuable work, encouraging them to “continue on the journey you have undertaken, so as to allow for the better and deeper comprehension of the Word of the living God”.