(Part 11)


December 6, 2014

Families are of utmost importance, as so Pope Francis stresses yet again. It is precisely this crucial importance of the family for the life of the Church and the life of the world that nothing must be done to weaken it. To weaken the family is precisely the aim of anti-life, anti-family, homosexualist forces.

What weakens and even threatens the very existence of the family? Cohabitation, divorce, same-sex unions. Many couples today just live together rather than get married. Many couples divorce rather than live out their life-long commitment. And today many couples are of the same sex! Today’s liberal, progressive, modernist society has no more use for the family.

When progressives, in the name of mercy and compassion, insist on finding good in the above situations, that can be the gateway to eventual acceptance of such situations, which are totally contrary to God’s plan. We have already seen this happen—in secular society and in the Protestant Churches. Such must not find an opening in the Catholic Church’s door.


Pope’s Message to Participants at the Festival of the Family

Following are excerpts from a translation of the Message that Pope Francis sent to participants at the Festival of the Family (Riva del Garda, December 1-6, 2014), on the theme: “The Life and Work Ecosystem: Feminine Occupation and Birth, Well-being and Economic Growth.”

* * *

“…. the family will be increasingly a protagonist in the social, cultural and political context of the country. In fact, you are well aware of the irreplaceable and fundamental  position that the family occupies, be it in civil society, be it in the ecclesial community. The future of humanity passes through the family; therefore, it is necessary to allow it to play the role that corresponds to it.

The family has a mission that is proper to it, at the service of its members, of their development, of life: it has rights and, therefore, it is in need of supports and guarantees to be able to exercise them. On the other hand, the family also has duties towards society, that is, it must offer its collaboration at the service of the community. This is a privileged environment in which to practice solidarity and subsidiarity harmoniously, that is to say, a synergy between public and private, between businesses and families. Precisely because of the commitment and responsibility required by bringing children into the world and their education, families need appropriate help on the part of public agencies and businesses, from a point of view of mutual collaboration. The worrying demographic trend requires, on the part of all interested subjects, an extraordinary and courageous strategy in favor of families.”

From the Vatican, December 2, 2014


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