“In 40 years, the Philippines would no longer be a Catholic country.”

“In 40 years, the Philippines would no longer be a Catholic country.”

It caught everyone’s attention.

Father Francis Lucas cited this study by Fr. Catalino Arevalo as part of his talk on “The Creed and the Winter of Faith” last October 12, 2012, during the monthly CFC FFL Community Assembly held in Christ the King Parish.

The said talk was the start of a yearlong series of catechisms the community is organizing for the Year of Faith.

Fr. Lucas, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines’ Executive Secretary for Social Communications and Mass Media, discussed the Creed as a whole and what it meant for us, Catholics who recite it every Sunday after the priest’s homily during mass. He further stated how we, as Catholics , seem to be in a “winter of faith” as more and more Catholics are becoming indifferent to the teachings of the Church. Being in mass media for more than 35 years, he stressed that communication plays a big role in “saving a culture through the witnessing of Catholics proclaiming Christ.” This communication is reflected by our way of life and how we act. This is why he reiterated so many times in his talk that “we need to have a personal and communal relationship with God.”

Bringing into the light the trends of the times, one of which was the reality of the Church not being able to reach out to the youth thus making them turn away from the Church, he challenged the community to continue intensifying our programs for the young, especially now that the Catholic Church is entering into the Year of Faith. He continued on inspiring the audience to “stand up for what you believe in” for the Creed is not just something every Catholic should know by reason but its entirety should be understood by the heart and practiced by faith.