In every WYD the Lord is teaching something new

305013_10151205834337441_1443189048_n(by Dylan P. Reyes)

The upcoming World Youth Day in Brazil will be my third WYD already. I can say that I am truly blessed that since the community started sending delegation to the WYD I was always been a part of it. Being there for the last two WYD, I can say that every WYD experience is different because in every WYD the Lord is teaching something new and the Lord is challenging me to respond even more to His great love.

In my first WYD in Australia the Lord has lead me to the realization that He has anointed all Catholic groups with different gifts and charism to do a particular mission. This is very different from my mind set before that ONLY CFC is anointed by the Lord to do greater work for Him. Also in that WYD I learn to understand what it means to be the universal Church, since it is my first time to encounter people from different land and cultures who share our one faith. This leads me to be more open to collaborate with other Catholic groups here in the country. It also inspires me to serve the Church even more by offering my services through the CBCP-ECY, which brought about various partnerships in creating formations and events for the youth. This also moves me to encourage our community to participate more and more in the activities of the Church.

In my second WYD in Madrid the Lord inspired me to get to know my faith even more and to commit more in the evangelization effort of the Church. After seeing the state of the faith in Spain, where Catholics are being persecuted for their beliefs and where anti life culture is flourishing, I realize that it is about time that we should be more proactive in bringing the faith back to them.  This experience inspires me to go through our MRS programs in Don Bosco Center of Studies.  It also motivated me to push through our Cool Catholics formations in community.

In this coming WYD, I believe that the Lord is preparing something greater for me. I think the Lord will push me to learn how to “disciple” the people of the world today, especially that now I am assigned to the singles ministry. I am excited to learn from the bishops, priests and most specially groups who is ministering to the different single men and women of the world on how to introduce Christ to young adults of the world today. More than just seeing the Pope and experiencing the festivities of WYD, I am more excited to interact with other youth ministers and learn from them how to approach evangelization through the different situation of single men and women today. I am looking forward  to  learn different programs that works for single men and women today and discover ways how to apply it in our setting. I am also excited to hear different stories of difficulties and victories in evangelizing the singles today and offer my own stories as well. I am also looking forward to the Mission Week. This is because WYD is changing the DID to Mission Weeks. I think more than celebrating the faith together in a different country, the WYD is challenging pilgrims to share it to the people that they going. I am excited to do this and learn from this experience. I am also looking forward to build relationship with the people in my sub group and to see Jesus in them. In the past WYD has been an avenue where people from our subgroups discover a personal relationship with Christ, I expect that this WYD will not be different. Truly,  I believe that the WYD is the best venue for all of us missionaries of the community to learn more about the New Evangelization and the Church. May this experience doesn’t just change the way we do things but may it change us more to be the kind of missionary that the Lord wants us to be.

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