(Part 43)




September 12, 2011

Today’s reading: Psalm 28:2-9



The crisis and split in CFC happened in 2007. Then God, intending to continue His work according to His eternal plan, restored a remnant and raised CFC-FFL, faithful to the authentic charism of CFC. Since then God has given us themes by which we are to be fully restored and formed according to His plan for CFC.

A verse from today’s reading confirms what God has intended to teach us in these crucial restoration years–joy in 2008, trust in 2009, the Almighty in 2010, and strength in God in 2011.


“The Lord is my strength and my shield,

in whom my heart trusted and found help.

So my heart rejoices;

with my song I praise my God.”

(Ps 28:7)


These are the crucial aspects of formation that God has stressed in this period of restoration, to properly prepare us for the work beyond our first 30 years.

We are to rejoice always, whatever happens in life. Why? Because we have been redeemed by Jesus, and now are God’s instruments for bringing that salvation to many others. Because we know that all things work for our good, as we love God and have been called according to His purpose. Thus, whatever happens, whether good or seemingly bad, God allows these in order to work His way in us. Suffering and pain become essential aspects of our purification so that we can attain to the holiness God desires of us.

We are to trust in Jesus, whatever we are undergoing in life. God is all-powerful, and He loves us with an eternal love, having the greatest plan for our lives. It is a plan not for woe but for a future full of hope. Even when things seem dark, we trust that God’s light will shine through. Even as we engage a powerful enemy, we already share in Jesus’ victory on the cross.

We worship God the Almighty, who is just and righteous. We have been taught our rightful place and posture before the great God who calls us. We are His servants through whom He shows His glory. We rejoice in affliction for the sake of righteousness, and we trust through such affliction. We know that suffering is redemptive. We are given the privilege to embrace the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We then go forth in the strength that can only come from God. We look to the power and strength of God by which we can become effective witnesses to the gospel, and by which we can bring this incredible good news to the very ends of the earth.


God raised us in 1981, restored us in 2007, and now, in 2011, continues to send us forth. We march out with joy in our hearts, trust of God in our minds, worship of God on our lips, and His very strength in our loins.


*     *     *