International Core of Seniors Renew Commitment to Choose Life

The International Core of Seniors renewed their commitment to the covenant of CFC FFL, and the thrust to choose life. It happened during the last session of the once-every-three years meeting led by the Servant General himself, Frank Padilla. Our SG expressed that there is a need to go and read (and re-read) our covenant, and re-commit to it. He even asked if the servant-leaders of the world still had the covenant card in their wallets and purses, as the tradition dictated. The members of the ICS took out their covenant cards and committed to it again, just as it was when they took their Christian Life Seminars.

That capped off the three day meeting held at the First Pacific Leadership Academy in Antipolo City. The 40 leaders from around the world gathered to celebrate Christ through the Holy Mass, listened to daily reflections on Kings by the Servant General, and shared best practices of the CFC FFL community all around the world.

The next meeting of the ICS will be held three years from now.