International Youth Forum Delegate visits CFC FFL

(by Xavier Padilla, FLiQ Media)

In 2010, Des and I were chosen to represent the Philippines to the 10th International Youth Forum in the Vatican. We were additionally blessed to have the opportunity to speak to the delegates about marriage and family life in the Philippines as part of one of the sessions there.

As it goes with many international conferences, we took the opportunity to invite them to come to the Philippines to experience our community first-hand. And, two years later, we had our first co-delegate take us up on our offer.

Last weekend, Salvador Barba of the USA came to the Philippines and immersed in our community over two days. He spent a day building homes with our Work with the Poor in the Brampton Restoration Village. And went to our Seniors’ Assembly on Sunday. Even shared!

It was a great experience for us to be able to touch base and catch up after two years, and see how we can all still work towards making this world a better place. And also a good affirmation from someone outside CFC FFL about the work we are doing with the poor and our evangelization efforts around the world.

Thanks, Sal for visiting! Here’s to seeing more of you, and hopefully other co-delegates, in the future!