The Live Christ, Share Christ (LCSC) movement is a fruit of the life and mission of CFC-FFL.

God raised CFC in 1981 and brought us, through ups and downs, to this point where we place the collective wisdom and experience of 31 years at the service of our Mother Church. This is our honor and our privilege, and we praise and thank God for extending His favor upon us.

There has been a divine confluence of events. CFC-FFL celebrated its 30th year in 2011 and we were brought to a crossroad. The universal Church has sounded the call to the New Evangelization. The Year of Faith was proclaimed. The Philippines, where CFC started, gears up to celebrate 500 years of Christianity in 2021.

All these affirm the call to CFC from the very start, to be an evangelistic and missionary community doing rapid, massive and worldwide evangelization. We have already experienced God’s hand in this work. With LCSC, we look to even greater work, as we all hurtle onward to the end of time.


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