It’s not over

(Jeff de Luna, CFC Singles for Family and Life)

I was literally in tears while writing this sharing after listening to the song “To the ends of the earth”. I remember the same song sang during the closing worship of CFCFFL WYD preparatory session and with so much emotion, I couldn’t help but flowed down so many tears. This same song also played during the CFCFFL International Assembly this time was in Spain. Well, I believe it was all because I am so overwhelmed on how the Lord showed His faithfulness to His promise. This song always brought me back on how the Lord amazingly brought me to the WYD. Back when I was on the process of WYD application I was so uncertain that I can really make it to the WYD primarily because I do not have enough sources of funds to support the expenses. It also came to a point that I already pulled out my application for two times because of some circumstances. At some point during those times, I felt like the Lord is assuring me that I can go and make it to the WYD, I just don’t know how. Well, up to now I still can’t fathom how the Lord in an instant made me experience all His miracles unfolding before me:

  1. My first VISA- SCHENGEN VISA!
  2. Being hired as Full time Pastoral Worker
  3. The generous people who gave sponsors.
  4. The purchasing of tickets ( really a miracle on how the fund was raised)
  5. The shopping allowance provided by generous people in Euro!
  6. My First International plane ride experience
  7. My First time in five different countries; Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Portugal and Amsterdam.
  8. Holding the ground down where Mama Mary appeared.
  9. Visited the tomb of Jacinto, Maria and Lucia
  10. Leading the Worship in SPAIN! (during our every morning worship in Days in the Diocese)
  11. Conversing in Spanish people with my poor Spanish knowledge.
  12. Building relationships with the people in Sierra de Fuentes
  13. Riding the subway metro train
  14. Drinking potable water in the toilets
  15. The Exodus experience
  16. Seeing the Pope in person
  17. Hearing the Mass with Pope as the main Celebrant.
  18. The Hurricane during the Night Vigil and a calm night just before the consecration of the Sacrament.
  19. Praying in the beautifully structured Churches
  20. Climbing to the Sierra del Fuentes where I had my photos on top of it.
  21. Climbing to go the castle
  22. New friends from all over the world.
  23. Meeting CFCFFL brethren from South Africa, Europe, Canada, Africa and Asia.
  24. Surviving the scorching heat of sun
  25. Hearing the Mass in different languages


Those are all new things that happened to me. I remember it was my Birthday last March of this year, the Lord said during my prayer that this year would be the start of making things NEW and that it will never be the same. And as I process everything that happened to me, they were all NEW and very different from the things that I used to be experiencing. I never thought that I had already experienced those great things to me in span of one month being a full time missionary. These are all start of making things new and I believe the Lord isn’t over with me yet because He who started a good work in me will carry it on until the day of Jesus Christ (Phil 1:6)