(EJ Aguila, Live Pure Movement)

I am so grateful to have this great privilege

To be chosen as part of WYD pilgrimage

A gift from God that I won’t exchange

For I am meant for this at 27 years of age


I met a beautiful companion in this Journey

In Our Lady of Fatima I fell in love with her purity

The Virgen de buenvenida reminded me of Chastity

My prayer warrior was there and her name is Mary


We ate the unforgettable Bocadillo

We tasted the weird cold soup Gazpacho

The pizza that saved us in Madrid was domino

Oh thank the Lord for Principe pio


One morning I got sad news and I don’t know what to say

That my 99 years old grandmother just passed away

I felt bad because I should have done something I never did

But the God who is in control comforted me indeed


God comforted me through a very good confession

That enlightened me and gave answer to my question

Then I realized what he is revealing to me in that situation

To receive peace in my heart, mind, word and every action


That same day for 6 hours long we waited

Esta es la juventud del papa we chanted

Finally the pope has arrived It was so amazing

“Reporting for duty sir” I was shouting


After that experience we were so speechless

His presence brought me a sort of calmness

Then in a nearby church I received the Holy Communion

Oh yes! Pope always points us towards Jesus the reason


I am proud that in the Catholic faith I am planted

To Jesus Christ himself my life is deeply rooted

The build up the young is my mission and passion

To be firm in faith is now my everyday decision


I will serve the Lord for the rest of my life