(Part 216)


April 27, 2017

Today’s reading:  Acts 5:27-33

Kerygma means the proclamation of the gospel. It is that all-important proclamation that brings people to faith in Jesus, and thus to salvation. In today’s retort of Peter and the apostles to the Sanhedrin, we see the basic elements of the kerygma.

First there is the proclamation of Jesus the Messiah. “The God of our ancestors raised Jesus” (v.30a). Jesus is “leader and savior” (v.31b). Second, there is the claim to be witnesses. “We are witnesses of these things” (v.32a). We are those commissioned by Jesus to proclaim the gospel. Third, there is the call to repentance and faith. God grants “repentance and forgiveness of sins.” (v.31c). Fourth, there is the all-important role of the Holy Spirit. To those who accept the witness, who look to Jesus as Messiah and savior, who repent of their sins and put their faith in Jesus, they receive “the holy Spirit that God has given to those who obey him.” (v.32b).

This is the content of our shortened CLS (add Session #5 on Growing in the Spirit). This is the LCS of the LCSC mission. This is the missing first step in evangelization and renewal of God’s people. Today there is so much activity in our parishes, but without the essential initial proclamation of the gospel.

We need to do a massive work of mounting CLS and LCSs. This is the Great Commission, commanded by Jesus himself. We will be opposed by the world and the devil’s forces, but we must do what God tells us to do. “We must obey God rather than men.” (v.29b).

*     *     *