(by Dhei Puyaoan)

Innocence. Cheerfulness. Playfulness. Those were the attitudes I’ve seen in the children who participate in our kids’ camp that was held here in Paniqui, Tarlac last weekend. As a newbie Heart Champ, I can feel the excitement and nervousness inside me. I am excited because this will be my first time to serve in kids camp and nervous because I know, I have weak relationship with children. I have a short patience when it comes to kids. So a week before the camp, I ask God for guidance and patience for the activity. I wanted to be a role model to them and at the same time I want to open their hearts and minds to the greatness of our God. So I did, instead of making those children cry, I did enjoy playing with them, teaching them songs and dance and most important I did share my knowledge about God and His Son Jesus Christ with them. And also I experienced a lot of first time in my life. Like, it’s my first time to be a speaker, my first time to serve with full time workers and my first time to eat grilled marshmallows.:) As I saw the children smiles in their faces, I can’t help but to feel inspired and relieved because I know they’re happy and blessed to be part of CFC-KFL community.

For me, kids camp is more fun and challenging than our usual youth camps. That was the only time that I’ve seen a 100% effort of service in the faces of the whole service team.  We were very grateful to be part of that camp. The whole activity serves a lesson for each one of us. May be it’s true that you’ll never get tired if you’re happy with what you are doing because I DIDN’T  get tired at all instead I AM HAPPY because I know, everything’s worth it. 🙂