(Part 44)


July 6, 2017

I can understand that London’s Greater Ormond Street Hospital would stop the continued treatment of Charlie Gard, though I disagree with it. But I cannot understand why its officials will not allow the move of Charlie Gard to another hospital, whether in Rome or in the USA. Is it not the parents’ right to deal with their son as they see fit? Is there no freedom of movement from one country to another? Have we lost all sense of mercy?

The reason given but not explained is that legal reasons prevent the officials. Well, this just shows that for liberals legalism trumps charity. Further, for liberals the state trumps parental rights. This is the culture of death. It is diabolical.

This is the sorry state of the western world, especially in the UK and in the EU, where liberalism reigns supreme. Unfortunately, this is what we face, and we will have to fight for parental rights and for the good of our children.


UK officials resist diplomatic pressure to allow treatment of Charlie Gard

July 05, 2017

Despite diplomatic pressure, officials at London’s Greater Ormond Street Hospital say that they cannot allow 10-month-old Charlie Gard to be moved to another hospital in Rome or in the US for medical treatment.

Although the Vatican-run Bambino Gesu Hospital in Rome has offered free medical care for the child and US President Donald Trump has promised to arrange the same at an American institution, officials at Greater Ormond Street say that “legal reasons” prevent them from allowing a move.

British foreign secretary Boris Johnson has offered the same explanation to his Italian counterpart, Angelino Alfano, to explain why his government will not intervene to allow for the child’s transfer.

British courts have ruled that the hospital should remove Charlie Gard from a life-support system, despite his parents’ wish to pursue experimental treatment for the boy’s rare genetic disorder. The European Court of Human Rights has confirmed the British courts’ rulings.


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