LCSC and the CFC FFL Core Values

CFC-FFL has 7 Core Values. For 3 of these, LCSC will help intensify our living them out.

(1) Evangelistic and Missionary. LCSC’s goal is to do rapid and massive evangelization, based in the parishes. If our one-year experience is any gauge, the numbers are there, coupled with the enthusiasm of parish priests and parish leaders. We want to reach all of the more than 5,000 parishes in the Philippines within a decade.

(2) Living a Preferential Option for the Poor. LCSC’s goal is to do massive evangelization in the grassroots of parishes, where many Catholics are inactive, unevangelized, and not readily reached by parish programs. In addition, LCSC will have specialized targeted audiences, such as prisoners, migrants and househelp (kasambahay).

(3) Being a Servant to the Church. LCSC’s goal is to mainstream Catholic lay evangelization. It is to bring lapsed Catholics back to God and back to the parish. It is a Church movement, “owned and operated” by parishes under the authority of the parish priest. It is a lay response to the call to the New Evangelization.

Both CFC-FFL and LCSC of course share the main foundational Core Value, being Centered on Christ. In turn, CFC-FFL emphasizes the 3 other Core Values–Focused on the Family, Being Community, Exercising Servant Leadership.