(Part 109)


November 12, 2015

Oh, these liberals! Abp De Kesel finds the term “mercy” as “condescending”?! He would prefer “respect and esteem.” That is political correctness at its best. I guess Jesus was condescending as he always spoke of mercy. Perhaps we should change the words in the Bible, since these liberals want to change our age-old teachings anyway. How about, “Be respectful and full of esteem, just as your Father is respectful and full of esteem” (adapted from Luke 6:36)?

Abp De Kesel says such an approach could be “a value that we, as Christians, share with the prevailing culture.” There you have it. This is the liberal position. Conform the Church to the prevailing culture, rather than transforming the culture to Christ. Do not speak about sin because that is offensive (to the sinners). Just be nice and welcoming and accommodating. Accommodating of sin, indeed!


Newly appointed Archbishop of Brussels welcomes ‘unbelievable’ change in Church approach to marriage

November 10, 2015

The newly appointed Archbishop of Brussels said that it is “unbelievable” how much the Synod of Bishops had changed views on marriage, in an interview with the Kerknet news service.

Archbishop-elect Jozef De Kesel said that although the Synod had not actually called for allowing divorced and remarried Catholics to receive Communion, the approach to issues was markedly different. “The mentality is really not the same anymore,” he said.

The Belgian prelate said that while the Synod had heard much discussion of “mercy” for people in irregular marriages, he found that term “still somewhat condescending.” He said that he would prefer to use terms such as “respect and esteem for man as my starting point.” Such an approach, he suggest, could be “a value that we, as Christians, share with the prevailing culture.”


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