Life-changing WSC!

(by Ateht Sambitan, CFC SFL Biliran: from her journal)

It’s been a few days since the WSC, wow it’s quite fast.  Still, I feel the never ending pounding of my heart beating with excitement as I wake up each day feeling loved, blessed and challenged.

This is my first time to be in the World Singles Congress, yes you heard it right my first time since all these times I was serving in YFL and now I finally transitioned to SFL.

At the beginning of the year God was clear to His promise that He will never leave me and up to now that promise has been true to me, not just for me but for all of us.

The WSC experience was one heck of a ride He got me into and my heart never stops thanking Him for doing so. I learned a lot, NO, learn is just a technical term, I AM INSPIRED (in bold letters, big smile and pounding heart).  Why? Here it is:

First, God loves me so much that He gave me my work not just it but my whole life as a blessing.  I am inspired to be excellent in what I do, in my work, in my Area assignment in SFL in my household, in my relationships, in little things and in everything.  Because God gave something so big that it’s only fitting that I give Him the best of what I have and of who I am.

Second, I am beautifully made by God perfect in His eyes and I think He deserves some big credit for that.  I need to take care of myself, meaning, don’t overwork, be healthy in my lifestyle, be smart and save for rainy days, and to LIVE PURE.  I mean I declared I LOVE GOD, but loving God needs to be total, that is our total lives (all its aspects) we need to be beautiful and pure for Him because nothing will ever make the one I love happier if He sees I am making myself pure for Him.

Third, I need to trust Him fully, have faith on His word, that He will give me PEACE, PROTECTION, and that He will be true to His PROMISE, and that I live for His PURPOSE, and I rely on His PROVIDENCE.   Just like an ordinary person, I get a lot of love and kisses from the Lord, I am one of His favorites when it comes to trials and I thank Him for that.  It makes me love Him more.  I don’t need to despair, because I know the Lord wants me at this state for the moment and that greater things are in store for me.  I just have to surrender everything to Him.

And lastly, I need to love God more and more and DARE TO LIVE my life for Him.  Just like a little child, I ask a lot from the Lord, good health, prosperity, love life, just about anything.  But the best thing I learn is that if I will love God above all, there is nothing that He will hold back from me.  I am living by His grace and I need to put my happiness in the Lord and He will give me my heart’s desires.  That statement is more than therapy to my longing heart it is a security that wherever life takes me if God is in control nothing wrong can happen, I just have to love Him more and more each day.  Amidst the trials, the pain the struggles and the laughter His love for me remains.  I could not imagine God turning away from me just a millisecond; it would terribly break my heart.

The whole WSC experience is life-changing.  I didn’t just wrote it in this journal but I wrote it in my heart, so that whenever pain strikes because my heart is bleeding I am consoled because those are only the wounds of an engraved promise by God and that His love is far greater than the pain.  And I would still say I DARE TO LIVE because God DARED TO LOVE me whatever the cost is.