Life Changing

(RJ Moriones, CFC Youth for Family and Life)

When we meet Jesus Christ and accept His Gospel, life changes and we are driven to communicate our experience to others. – Pope Benedict XVI

I met Jesus and accepted His Gospel.

I met Jesus before going to Madrid. I was in the lounge of NAIA waiting for boarding when the ground attendant of Cathay Pacific approached me and asked for my e-ticket. I had the feeling that there was something wrong. She checked my e-ticket and got back to her post. After a while she came back with the BIG news. She said that my ticket was tagged as “VOID” in their system. It meant that I had no plane ticket going to Madrid, that I will be left here in the country and that I will be no longer be part of the WYD. I was completely stunned. I got back to myself when I realized that I was a pilgrim. It was just a test of my faith in Him. I’ve waited with firm faith on how Jesus will do miracle. I’ve waited with firm faith on how Jesus will be in control of everything. My co-pilgrims helped me arrange the ticket and after an hour I heard the good news! I am going to Madrid! It was a great relief for me. Jesus was truly with me during that situation. I received a text message saying “Whatever situation you are in, remember that God is in control.” What happened to me in the airport was an affirmation that God is always in control of every situation. I realized that Jesus loves me so much that he wanted me to go to Spain and experience Him first hand.

I met Jesus in Valdefuentes. It was our host parish in the Days in the Diocese. God gave us the opportunity to worship Him daily through the Holy Mass. The mass was in Spanish but it did not prevent me to give thanks to my Creator. It was an affirmation that Jesus is always present in every Eucharistic celebration. In Valdefuentes I met generous, welcoming, kind people. They made sure that we will not miss home because they took care of us so much. I saw Jesus through them.

I met Jesus through Mama Mary in Fatima. Up to this day I am still in great joy that God gave me the blessing to see the apparition site of Our Lady of Fatima. It was completely a grace from above. We met a Filipino priest in Fatima and asked him what we should pray to Our Lady and he told us that we pray for the purity of our intentions. I heard what I truly needed. In Fatima I saw multitude of believers praying to Jesus through the intercession of Our Lady. Seeing them made me appreciate more the power of intercession of Mary. The desire of loving Mary grew even more in Fatima. I pray that I may become obedient to what Jesus tells me to do just like Mary did.

I met Jesus in Madrid. Madrid was a beautiful city with deep Catholic culture. In this city I met the Vicar of Christ. I was speechless when I saw Pope Benedict XVI waving at us. I have waited for him for six long hours under the gruelling heat but it was ALL WORTH IT. In Madrid I experienced walking for miles under the scorching heat. I caught myself complaining but again Jesus reminded me that I am a pilgrim. At the end of every tiring walk there was a reward waiting for me. In Madrid I witnessed two miracles. For the past days we were in Madrid the heat was terrible. It was said that every vigil it rains. I did not believe it because the sky was clear for days. I was in great awe when the vigil came and it rained so hard. The second miracle I witnessed was during the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. Millions of people kept quiet when they saw the Blessed Sacrament. I was in great awe seeing Jesus being the Lord of all during the vigil. I felt the presence of Jesus surrounding Cuatro Vientos. Indeed Jesus was in our midst.

My Life Changed.

As I go down from the mountain top experience I had in the WYD my heart was empowered and inspired to share every gift I received from Jesus. Like in the Emmaus story my heart was fired up by the presence of Jesus in the World Youth Day. I came back with a different perspective in life. I am more convinced to defend family and promote the culture of life. I am more affirmed that God called me to be His missionary and proclaim Him more to the youth. I am more empowered to be an authentic witness of being a cool Catholic to my fellow young. I am excited to share this experience to every person I will encounter. I am more convinced to build up the love in my family. I am more inspired to do more for the Lord.  I am fuelled to do everything for the greater glory of God. All of these happened because of Him and my life changed because of JESUS.