Live Pure in Bangkok, Thailand

(by Karenina Sue Fanega)

The live pure movement seminar here in Bangkok was such a great blessing. It was a whole day event filled with teachings, realizations and commitments, which evolved to laughter, tears and peace of heart.  During the live pure talks, I found myself continuously, confirming my every day, struggling confusions. As an eighteen year old teenager, I obviously do not have all my conflicting thoughts figured out, but with the help of the live pure movement I found myself at peace with the truth and accepting with my faults. The live pure movement was the mark on my life to keep striving to the very end to whole-heartedly live pure by coming to peace with my realizations and holding on to my personal commitment.

I believe that it is every teenager’s struggle to fit in to their peers’ concept of “cool” or “fun” which tempts us to act on the same impure actions as our friends or classmates. I realized, during the live pure movement seminar that I was blessed to be informed in such a young age the dos and don’ts in life. With this knowledge and understanding, I have protected myself from the temptations of being lured into the teenage nightlife. Despite my strong convictions, I still struggle with my own faults and vices. For a long time, I have become an observant sister, cousin and friend, learning from their mishaps and trying not to follow the wrong footsteps. I have silently compared my faults as something minute to theirs, which also made me realize how terrible of an excuse that was. I learned during the live pure movement that my sins were made by my own choices and I need to set them straight. It is time for me to learn from my own mistakes and endeavor to achieve the goals I have set out for my life.

Love; cliché and common it may sound, was the word that kept hitting me most. I realized that love, is so strong that sometimes it can make you do the contrary of what you set yourself to be. During the talk about love, I realized how wrong I approached it. I have been a coward towards fighting for my true feelings and setting it out for the world to see. Gaining the knowledge of how precious, special and amazing love is, I realized that it was time for me to treat love the same. It would take a lot of strength, courage and understanding but after two long years, the waiting time is long overdue. I want to set myself as an example to my peers and fellow YFLs of what not to do but also, set myself as their inspiration that anything can be fixed and set right. Such impactful realizations, after plentiful tears brought upon me a hopeful, cheerful and peaceful heart.

My reasons to live pure can be summarized into two words, respect and love. I want to respect myself; no more tears will be cried because of my sins and never will I let myself go through the scars of regrets and bitterness. I want to live pure for love; love for myself and for my family. I love myself therefore I will take care of my body and live purely through speech, mind and sight. I love my parents, and I do not want to ruin their hopes and expectations of me for an impure life. I love my family as well; too much to let them be unhappy and disappointed of me. The Live pure movement has set out for me a long term commitment, one that takes a strong heart to follow, and as I clean out my impurities, my heart will gradually gain its strength.