Live Pure in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

(by Thi Luu Ha)

Thank for God and Mary Lady!

Though two times taking part in Live Pure Forum, I felt that I am very lucky. This is the grace of God.

I found that I have not really lived purely; sometimes I watched TV and unintentionly saw shots called “hot or sex ones”, at that times I thought they were normal and I have been mature and they could not impact on me. But in fact, sometimes those images appeared in my mind and those cannot be given up.

Having heard EJ’s experience, I found that I need to have the determination, penance and ask God’s graces to help me. In this age, it is very easy for us to visit Internet and websites such as vn express, news, zing news…(these websites are considered as pure ones supplying the most pure news; however, there are many many sex images, even sex images in education websites). Therefore, it is a considerable challenge for the youth in general, and the Christian youth in particular.

I would like to share a little: I have friends in university and colleagues at old companies, they said that sex is normal and watching sex films is wonderful. They sent links of sex websites or films together, even talk and jokes about sex scandals. It is a  heart-breaking truth: I and my friend met and had lunch last week, she shared that her female colleagues had lunch and talked about sex, sometimes one of them uttered ” I will die, may be I am pregnant and my period has not had. Her friends said to her that maybe only you are virgin.

Thank for my God. My working environment is safer and safer than many in big buildings in HCMC. Howerver, I can’t be subjective because sex still be in TV, in Internet, in messages…..My Lord, please purify myself, Vietnamese youths and youths in over the world.

Also, I hope that there will be many “Live Pure” forums and other forums relating to the youth in the future, helping us have better awareness and live more devotionally.

Trust in Jesus!