Live Pure in Yangon, Myanmar

(by Dora from Yangon, Myanmar)

Reflection on Live Pure Forum

  • I was very worried when I first found out that the forum is about pro-life talks for youths and singles, knowing how conservative my community/society is. But surprisingly, I felt that the participants really absorb it well on the talks of the forum. For me, the forum helps me to realize how we should treasure our body, mind and soul, for we represent God. I really thank God, for letting me live in a conservative environment where there is no pressure in keeping up or follow with the inappropriate behaviors or lifestyles nowadays, where youngsters are sexually active before marriage.
  • It is a challenge that we are facing everyday in keeping ourselves out of the various forms of impure thoughts and actions. For instance, laughing at green jokes, not being aware of drinking occasionally or drinking just for the sake of “fun”. Also that many young people are now exposed to media where pre-marital sex is exposed like a norm, and that it is ok to have sex before marriage.
  • In my point of view, the forum actually help us to realize how the world is coming to and how we have to be strong and prepare ourselves to keep living pure and always remember that we represent God. While most countries around the world are promoting “safe sex” , the forum defines that “Saved sex” is way better and healthier lifestyle and which is the way that we have to treasure ourselves for our own good.
  • My challenge from the LP forum is not to involve in ill-jokes or green jokes as I work in a multi-cultural environment and often I have faced such joking around. The forum delivers the message that there is nothing wrong with believing and cherishing the old-fashioned way of saving yourself for marriage, because what we can give to our God is our pureness which we can just control ourselves.
  • Lastly, participating in the LP forum helped me to continue and firmly believe what I have always been believed in which is saving myself for someone special who God prepares for me.