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      Pope Benedict XVI has proclaimed the Year of Faith, from October 11, 2012, to November 24, 2013. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith gave proposals for ways to live the Year of Faith. Among the many proposals is the following, in effect pointing specifically to CFC-FFL as a lay association and ecclesial movement:


“Associations and Ecclesial Movements are invited to promote specific initiatives which, through the contribution of their proper charism and in collaboration with their local Pastors, will contribute to the wider experience of the Year of Faith. The new Communities and Ecclesial Movements, in a creative and generous way, will be able to find the most appropriate ways in which to offer their witness to the faith in service to the Church.”


This is such a short paragraph but so packed with meaning. It mentions: (1) contribution of an association’s charism, (2) collaboration with local pastors, (3) contribution to a wider experience of faith, (4) a creative way, (5) a generous way, and (6) in service of the Church.

As it is, CFC-FFL is already doing this, but just like other associations and ecclesial movements, in a limited way. Now with LCSC we are finding “the most appropriate (way) in which to offer (our) witness to the faith in service to the Church.” LCSC would be the ultimate expression of these elements.

The five aspects correspond as follows: (1) our charism and 31 years experience contributed for use by the Church, (2) this work done in collaboration with and under the authority of bishops and parish priests, (3) a more massive evangelization,[1] enlisting all parishioners and mainstreaming Catholic lay evangelization, (4) creativity in fusing ecclesial movements and institutional Church, (5) generosity in doing anonymous, unselfish service with no personal agenda, and (6) all-out service by working on behalf of and in the name of the Church, through the parishes.


Mother Church has invited us to promote specific initiatives. Our response is LCSC.

[1] Way beyond what CFC-FFL has accomplished and is able to accomplish.

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