Love Requires Sacrifice, Always

Love Requires Sacrifice, Always

Reflection on the book “Fishers of Men”
by Kobe Sornito

The book Fishers of Men reminded me as a missionary to be humble and to aknowlegde our total dependence on God that apart from Him, we can do nothing. There are victories in every work that we have because of His greatness and His grace.

Its a privilege to be a servant of Christ though at first I doubted if I can do it because of fear. Fear if I will be fruitful, if I can do it, of rejection, to go beyond my limitations and go outside of my comfort zone, these hinder me to fully response to the call of God. But as I do the work God, these fears became my motivation because of the call to rapid and massive evangelization. We all have our fear in doing the work of God but the true disciple and servant of Christ must endure all the pain and suffering that will come.

If we truly love God, we must face sacrifice. Love always requires sacrifice – sacrifice that will lead the people to know Christ deeper, to spread his Love and His good news. We are call to go extra mile to make Him known to everyone. God wants us to do massive evangelization and He want us to be fruitful but we can only to it if we humble our selves to acknowledge our total dependence in Him.

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