Make All Youth Know Christ

Make All Youth Know Christ

Reflection on the book “Fishers of Men”
by Dylan Reyes

People need a sense of mission to move forward in life and for me, I have found that mission when I joined this community back in 1997. Since then, I am caught by the evangelistic and missionary zeal of the different people who are serving the Lord through the community. For them, it is very simple, they just want people to know Christ and invite them to have a personal relationship with Him. They will do anything so that people can have a chance to encounter the Lord and they will not stop until every person they meet will know Christ. Through them, I realized that God is revealing to me what kind of life He wants me to have – a life that is dedicated to evangelization and mission.

Through the book “Fishers of Men”, I once again encounter what this lifestyle really mean through the wisdom of our Founder, Tito Frank Padilla. It once again convicted me that evangelization is not only a personal calling but a universal call as well. That as a Christian, I need to proclaim Jesus to my family and friends but as a Community and as the Church, we need to proclaim Jesus together to everyone. I agree with Tito Frank when he said that every Christian is needed to proclaim Christ! Why? Because there are a lot of people in the world today that still do not know Christ. That is why we need to go beyond our comfort zone and stop equating our evangelization effort in just inviting young people to join our Youth Camps and CLS but rather by creating various opportunity for them to have an encounter of conversion of their heart, mind and soul by meeting Jesus Christ. It convicts me even more to engaged the young people and allow them to experience Jesus so that they may experience the joy of having Christ.

Yet this call is a very tough call because every evangelizer must learn to step out of the boat and walk on water. It means that to do our calling is to always choose to be in the water and look for the fishes and trust God to help us to catch them. But the reality is that many Christians do not choose this path. We need to remember that since we have Christ in our lives now, then we need to totally give ourselves to the mission of proclaiming Him and surrender our own will to Him and embrace sacrifices and hardship so that everyone will know Christ.

That is why it is always a trap for most of us in community is to just focus on our inner personal spiritual growth and let other people continue to be lost. I don’t think that there is something wrong in making yourself grow spiritually but if we do it without a concern for others to grow as well, then we become selfish. This is because if we really love Jesus, then we need to be focused as well to the spiritual growth of the people closest to us. I admit that there are times I tend to be focused on myself but praise God that through the community, God is bringing me back to the right path. Christianity is not just about receiving the love of the Lord but more so of radiating His love to the world.

God is counting on us, who have met the Lord and who already have a personal relationship with Him to be His fishers of men. This a point of no turning back. We may find ourselves empty-handed from time to time due to our own sinfulness and unfaithfulness but we move forward holding on to God’s love and mercy for us and deciding to constantly renew our lives for Him. We are made to be fishers of men, and we never stop fishing until all youth may know Christ.