March for Life

(by Andrea Salazar, SFL Dallas, Texas)

This year’s March for Life here at home in Dallas seemed to be an emotional one for me. Like every year, I planned on attending the march in Washington DC, but I couldn’t find cheap tickets and I had to use the funds I have for nursing school.  I was very disappointed and sad that once again I wouldn’t be able to participate with thousands of people from around the country.  But after the past weekend and today, I realized why it was God’s plan for me to stay at home. The whole time I was walking and praying, all I could think about was how TRULY grateful I am that my parents chose life not just so I can live but for three other lives to be out here in the world with me. Even though I couldn’t make it to Washington DC, I am happy to have been side by side with the family that God has blessed me with standing up for what we believe in.

However, my family and I were not just praying to end abortion but also to give justice for the lives that were taken. Last January 24th, my Tito Gerry Ortega, a servant of God and the people of Palawan, was murdered/killed because of political reasons.  Until now justice has not been served for him and his family. It’s saddening and disheartening to think that we can just take life, precious and divine, as if it was something so unimportant and disposable when it takes so much to conceive and to live! We do not kill to punish, for life is never a punishment from God. And do we not know that by taking someone’s life, fetus or full grown human being, it’s as if we are taking the lives of the many people who love them?

And so today as I watch the March for Life coverage, once again I am affirmed to why I am pro-life.  It’s because of my love for and gratitude to God sending me parents who chose life 23 years ago so I can live and experience His unconditional love. In return, to show Him my appreciation, I choose to defend the lives of the unborn and of the ones whose lives were taken from them. And as for Tito Gerry, his death will not go to waste as it will now be another reminder to why I defend life.

“Since Jesus’ persecution was in public so shall ours be!” Brothers and sisters, please, let us all remind ourselves and each other that Jesus fought and died so we can live. Let’s continue to fight so that others may live! Defend life! Be Pro-life!


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