Matrimonios Para Cristo in Washington State

Report by Edwin and Nila Andrews

Last April 8 we had an MPC Assembly where I gave a teaching on evangelization. There were 45 members who attended. They are upbeat and there are new potential leaders we can train.This is the MPC group from Everett. There were also some kids at the assembly.

Then Neon, Marissa, Nila and I had an MPC Assembly in Yakima, 2 1/2 hour drive from Seattle. I gave them a teaching on evangelization. This MPC community is also upbeat. There were 30 adult members plus kids.

On April 15 we had another assembly of the same MPC group in Everett. This time I gave a teaching on our covenant.There were 29 adults plus kids.


  1. The Hispanic community is no question a much growing people in the US today. California especially. My observation is they are on average mid to lower income in the society. Dedication to Faith however, I put them close to the top! A lot of my MPC bros n sis are "almost always in church". A great combination of people, needing the glad tidings and truly thirsting for it. A harvest ready to reap! I wonder when our top leaders here in the US really put this mission to heart. As our SG says, we are not the only workers. And my wild estimation, we are on our third year before the Gardener cuts us out. Somebody out there?

  2. I am so happy to hear the finally in Fairfield, CA we are going to have the first retreat for couples for our Hispanic community in October, thank you for your prayers and dedication.

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