Michael Voris now in the Philippines

Michael Voris of RealCatholicTV.com is back in the Philippines! He, and Charles Hornbacher, flew in last Monday and went straight to Cebu to speak to the youth, seminarians and lay people. He also had an audience with Archbishop Palma of Cebu. They also went to Bacolod for more speaking engagements. And, as the photo above shows, an interview with Bishop Navarra of Bacolod.

Today, Michael speaks at Adamson University and at St. Francis church. Tomorrow night, he speaks to our community. Hope to see everyone there at 7PM at Christ the King in Greenmeadows. Listen to him speak about the Church and media.

Before he flies out, he makes a stop in Davao for more speaking engagements.



  1. Are you are aware that Mr Voris does not speak with the authority of his Bishop, who has banned him from using the name "Catholic" because of his extreme views?__His message should be treated with considerable caution because, whilst he presents very well, it is not one which has any official backing. I think he is a dangerous man who is best ignored.

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