Mother’s Day Surprise from the Lord!

(by Rosanne and Ronald Huan, CFC FFL Taiwan)

We would like to share with the whole community an event that took place last Sunday.

We, from Taipei, went to Taichung to bond with the SFL community and at the same time endorsed the new couple coordinators of Taichung who are Bro Jimmy and Sis Marivic Sun.

We went obediently (the Lord’s will) to Taichung on Mother’s Day without expecting anything and behold! The Spirit of God was so strongly felt by the two CFC-FFL couples who bonded with our brothers and sisters in Tanzhi, Taichung. This was truly one of the greatest Mother’s Day surprise offered by the Lord to us for He was absolutely and strongly present in the hearts of our brothers and sisters in Taichung! The whole event was so Spirit-led that it brought us to tears! The love of God is truly in their hearts that we realized that it didn’t really matter anymore where we are to spend our Mother’s Day celebration.  This was a beautiful realization that saying YES to Him even on special occasions will only bring you great surprises from our BIG GOD!

“In the spiritual life we find the fulfillment of our deepest desires by becoming empty for God. ”   And how so true this is! The self-sacrifice that we did for the Lord yesterday was filled in return with with the love of God penetrating deep in our hearts through our brothers and sisters in Taichung!

Thank you so much our Lord God for making our day one of the most meaningful Mother’s Day celebration! We will praise you forever!


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