My Call is to Bring Light to Others

My Call is to Bring Light to Others

Reflection on the book “Fishers of Men”
by JC Sarmiento

Reading this book reminded me about our calling to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. The kingdom of heaven is at hand (Mt. 3:2) and that our call and our duty is to evangelize and to spread the His Word. It is a great privilege to do the work, to be His co- workers as He commanded.

The Seven Principles of Evangelization

I learned that first we should understand how to ‘catch’ or how to evangelize people.

  • That every one of us has a longing for our Creator. As persons, we continue to seek for our God; every one of us has a longing for our God in every aspect of our life.
  • That no one is exempted from doing the work and especially since God uses ordinary people to do His work. The only requirement is a real openness to God’s action in our lives.
  • That we do not need to go far in evangelizing. We could consider our day to day environment as fishing grounds and as we do this work we must simply share our walk with Christ in our day to day lives to others.
  • That we must do our part in this task of evangelization and be assured that God will prepare everything for us.
  • That we must be focused on this work. Jesus already gave as the tool in catching – the bible and the power of prayer. Through prayer, we receive directions from our Master Fisherman, the Lord of the harvest. Even in the bible He encouraged His disciples to pray (Romans, Thessalonians, Ephesians). We must put our total dependence on God and we must have a deep personal relationship with Jesus .
  • That in doing this we must have faith in GOD. Even if we do not see, feel or hear our God, we continue the work of evangelization. Obedience in this work in that whether it is convenient or inconvenient, we must do our task. Persevere even when we do not see the fruits of our labor. Be assured that God is with us. Get strength from above no matter how difficult it –
  • That we must be reminded that we are all just instruments of the work of God and we need to realize that we are co-workers with others. We may have differences with one another but we must see that if God has a lot of workers, we can double our effort of evangelization. God gave us different spiritual Gifts but the same spirit (1 Cor 12:14,6-7,11).
  • That evangelization and renewal are God’s work. If we do our part, we can expect a great harvest and always be assured that God is with us (Mt. 28:20).

Seven Pitfalls 

God reminded me that as I do His work, many trials will come my way.

  • My personal comfort – not doing the task because of the hardships of the mission He asked me to do
  • My pride – for thinking that I know everything
  • As a casual Christian – for not understanding, knowing and living out my faith
  • My fear – being rejected
  • Spiritual “navel-gazing”- by being focused only on my personal gains
  • Attachment – on material things
  • Selfishness – my personal needs and wants; my life first before others

My Response

If I am willing to do His work, I must come out of my comfort zone. I need to give my time, my talent and my treasure for my service to GOD. I must repent for the sins that I committed because of the pitfalls in my journey with Christ. I must have humility in accepting the sins that I committed in my life. I must have a repenting heart and total submission to GOD.   I must have faith and courage to do the work of God.  I must be willing to surrender everything to HIM, allowing myself to be used by Him in extraordinary was. Having faith in God will bring courage and boldness as I do His mission and will teach me to be dependable on God that He will use me effectively by sharing my faith with others.

My duty is to be an evangelizer and as His follower, to be a bearer of His light, to be a witness and share what the Lord has done in my Life.  Sharing my daily cross and allowing people to see that I am embracing it, is the first thing I must do. The pain, trials and suffering are part of doing God’s work. “Whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”(Mt.10:39)

Following Jesus is not an easy task. We follow His example by dying to our own self.  Jesus reminded me to leave all to Him, to be happy for the blessings that I have in my life, to move out of my comfort zone when called and to be ready to endure pain and make sacrifices.

My call is to bring the light to others. It is my duty to proclaim God’s words and His Goodness. I am a missionary. And the Lord has touched my life that I may proclaim His Good News to all.