My life will never be the same again!

IMG_8482(by Gam Guarnes)

Have you ever attended the World Youth Day?

Well I haven’t. I had an opportunity though to attend it last 2011 in Madrid but I wasn’t able to push through with my application. As for my friends who were able to attend it, the WYD experience was transformative. It changed how they appreciate their Catholic faith. They even had an opportunity to see the pope!

As a youth minister being with and serving the young for the past decade, I always am amazed to see people gathering through religious conferences. Usually, rock concerts are the ones that attract many people but for the case of the WYD, it is different. People gather to experience Jesus with one another.

Whenever I hear people talk about their WYD experiences, a few things come to my mind. One is that there is hope! Young people are gathering to know Jesus. They experience the overflowing love of Jesus even in the inconveniences of the celebration – the heat, the crowd, the fatigue.

I want to attend the WYD because I want to experience first hand the joy of fellowship among young catholics worldwide. I want to witness how more lives will change through the experience of being in the WYD. I know my life will change too. Surely, it will be for the better. I know it will be an experience that I will be able to get back to. It will add up to the countless Jesus experience that I had during my missionary life.

It is always a privilege to attend the WYD. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet all the necessary requirements to be there. Surely it will all be worth it. Surely I will meet more friends there. Surely I will see the face of Jesus there in the people that I am with. Surely my life will never be the same again!

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