My Reasons to go to World Youth Day in Rio

IMG00273-20120313-1605(by Rozanne Marie C. San Juan)

To be able to attend the World Youth Day has always been a desire that I had, dating back to when it was celebrated here in the Philippines in 1995. But apparently, I never had the chance to attend any of the WYDs that transpired from that year on ‘til the recent one in 2011. Financial constraint was one of the main reasons that hindered me to really pursue such desire. In 2011, just when I thought that I would at last be given the chance to make such a desire to a reality, I was called out for foreign mission and had to cancel my application. Honestly, it was a bit hard for me to accept that I had to let go of such an opportunity that placed me so close to fulfilling one of my greatest dreams. But amidst everything, there was still this part of me that made me claim that there is a perfect time for the fulfillment of my dream to attend WYD.

Hearing the ones who were able to attend the WYD on how their experience was, inspired me more into pursuing again my desire to go to WYD especially that there is one scheduled for this year – WYD in Rio. For me, it’s not just about going to another country and exploring the place but basically being able to experience a life changing event in my life as a Catholic. As I celebrate my 30th this year, being able to attend the WYD is something very personal. As I go into a deeper personal faith journey in my life as a missionary and as a woman of God, I believe that this experience would allow me to discover and re-discover the many things that the Lord has set for me.

More than the reality that the preparation entails the challenge of looking for monetary funding is the fact that the preparation towards the WYD is for me a preparation of self, both emotionally and more so spiritually. Going to the WYD is an act of my saying YES to God’s invitation to grow deeper in my personal appreciation of my faith and as well as to celebrate such blessing of faith with other delegates from the different participating youth groups around the world.

With all of these wonderful things ahead, I am excited and definitely looking forward for my 1st ever WYD experience!

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