Country Servant for the Philippines (2012-2013)

Our Servant General Frank Padilla announced at the regular Seniors Assembly this morning the appointment of Bob Murga as the very first Country Servant of the Philippines!

Each country with CFC FFL has a Country Servant who takes the role of leading that country. In the Philippines, the Servant General has been concurrently the Country Servant.

Our SG said that in order to strengthen the work in the Philippines, we need our own Country Servant. It is also a reply to the signs of the times. This will also strengthen the foundation of the community and it definitely is a radical continuing development.

He then led a pray-over for our newly appointed Country Servant (effective immediately). Country Servant Bob Murga then gave his first words as the appointed: He said that the community has brought him to where he is now in his corporate life, with all the support the community has given him all these years. He knows that he will not be going through this alone, but will be one with everyone in this new assignment. He encouraged everyone to see the forest from the trees, to see where else we can improve and that we should all be excited about the things we do.

He then ended by saying that being Country Servant is not a position, because we all need to work together. And enjoined everyone to keep praying for him, and his wife Reena (who is currently on mission in Israel).

We joyfully welcome, again, Bob Murga as our new Philippine Country Servant!

Bob Murga, prior to today, was part of the Body of Counselors and the International Coordinator of the Family Ministries. His wife, Reena, is the International Coordinator for CFC Handmaids for Family and Life. They have three children – Vince, Angel and Paolo.


  1. Congratulations Bro. Bob Murga as our new Philippine Country Servant! May your anointment by the Holy Spirit bring you, your family, and the whole CFCFFL community of the country, the empowerment to impact people with the love of God and our brethren. God bless!

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