Taking On the NEW EVANGELIZATION (CFC FFL 2012 Community Conference)

The 2012 CFC FFL Community Conference was an afternoon of “new-ness”. New things were tried creatively (an interactive digital voice game, a larger than life shadow dance), new people were featured in videos and on stage, and a re-newed energy was experienced by everyone.

We got to see wonderful stories about choosing life from the Arguelles family, from Jonash and Jen Pantangco, from the 11 siblings of the Sia family, from proudly autistic Vico Cham and his mother Cathy, from pregnant Gay Javier, from the hopeful and positive Aguila family (with singing by Enrik Aguila of “Do I make you proud?”) and even the Tagulinao grandchildren who led other grandchildren in singing to and honoring their grandparents.

Our Servant General Frank Padilla then took the stage with his exhortation on the NEW EVANGELIZATION, and what we must do to achieve it? His three major points included:

1. We are called to fight for life, and so we have a greater focus on pro-life advocacy for 2012. We must be pro-active in educating ourselves.

2. We have to give importance to evangelization, and simply put, that is being transformed in Christ – our own being faithful to the covenant we committed to at our CLS / Youth Camp / Kids Camp.

3. We have to LIVE OUR LIFE IN CHRIST! This is what it is all about. And this can be seen in the simplest of things, like our own prayer time.

He ended the session with reminding us that when we are faced with a crossroads, we MUST CHOOSE LIFE!

The Praisefest led by Young Ministries and Live Pure Coordinator Joseph Tesoro affirmed our commitment to the Covenant, and the closing Mass with Bishop Ted Bacani built up our confidence in choosing life.

We were presented with many new things, and were challenged to pursue the new evangelization. We will continue to grow in knowledge and commitment as we continue to learn about out decision to CHOOSE LIFE.

(You can view pictures from the event here and here.)

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