New Year Message from the Servant General: RESOLVE TO BE HOLY







January 1, 2012



Happy new year to all!


Each new year is a crossroad. We decide to go God’s way or veer away on our own way. We either move forward in our walk with God, or we retrogress. We of course can stand still, neither moving forward nor backward, but to do so would be akin to moving backward. God calls us to holiness and discipleship, and we have our whole life for this, and each new day should be a deliberate step forward. If not, then we have that one day less in our lifetime by which to draw closer to God. Being in the same place and not closer, then we have moved back.

How do people move forward? They examine their life and then make resolutions. To change. To do better. To be holier.

Within the context of our life and mission in CFC-FFL, here are basic must-do’s:

* Have time for personal prayer every day.

* Read the Bible every day.

* Attend all community activities. This is a manifestation of your faithfulness to God’s call. This is also the way by which you will receive the pastoral support you need for your life.

* Give money monthly to community and weekly to the parish during Mass. I include this because money is usually the last to be surrendered to God. It reflects on where your heart truly is. Give more to God and leave less for yourself, and you are on your way to growth in holiness.


As you have also been called to community, one that is evangelistic and missionary, engaged in intense spiritual warfare, know what that entails. Every member is important in the plan of God. Every member has been given a spiritual gift for service. Every member is an instrument of sanctification for all others. Every member will be subject to spiritual attacks by the enemy. Thus I pray that you can also look to the following:

* Do not be overly sensitive to correction, criticism, even perceived oppression or injustice.

* Have respect for and active submission to the leaders over you.

* Be quick to forgive and do not hold grudges.

* Do not fight with your brethren. There is only one enemy and they are not it.

* Rejoice always, even in redemptive suffering and affliction for the cause of Christ.

* Whatever you do, do so for and in the name of Jesus. He is your utmost priority. Obey him without reservation.

* And do not forget: evangelize!


I consider it my privilege to walk with you as we serve and live for Christ. I thank you for all your work and sacrifices in the past year. God knows all you do for Him. In this new year, I am once again imposing on your generosity. Please give even more of yourself. Jesus withheld nothing from you. I hope you will live, no longer for yourself, but for him who loved you and died for you.

I trust that you share my excitement for this new year. Let us proclaim Jesus with a passion!


God bless you all.


*     *     *