(Part 13)


December 10, 2014

Once again, Pope Francis has assured that there will be no change in Church teaching. This should already quash speculations on whether Pope Francis is a modernist who wants to change Church teaching on cohabitation, divorce and remarriage, and same-sex unions.

What Pope Francis is is a man who has a heart for the poor and the marginalized. He wants to reach out to those who are hurting, and see how our Church can be more pastorally helpful to those in such need. But such mercy and compassion will not be at the expense of orthodoxy or the Magisterium.


Catholic World News – December 09, 2014

Pope Francis said that he welcomed “resistance” to his ideas, and said that the Synod of Bishops would not be “touching any item of Church doctrine on marriage,” in a new in-depth interview with an Argentine journal.

The Pope told Elisabetta Piqué of La Nacion that “resistance means different points of view, not something dirty.” Questioned about the increasingly direct criticism of his pastoral plans, he said “that is a good sign for me: getting the resistance out in the open.” He insisted that it is “very healthy” to have open disagreements.

Speaking particularly the debates that occurred during the October meeting of the Synod of Bishops, the Pope reminded his interviewer that in his closing speech he had emphasized that the Church’s teaching on the indissolubility of marriage would not be changed. Specifically regarding the status of Catholics who are divorced and remarried, he said that “it is not a solution.”

Effective pastoral care for divorced and remarried Catholics, the Holy Father explained, would involve integrating them into the life of the Church. He said that as things stand, these Catholics are barred not only from the Eucharist but also from acting as godparents, teaching in religious-education classes, or functioning as lectors. They are, he said, virtually excommunicated de facto. The challenge for the Synod is to find ways to remedy that problem, he said.

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