No to RH Bill. No to SAME Sex Unions.

We will also launch  by prayers and fasting , the fight against Same Sex Union that has passed the Senate on third reading November 21,2011 under Senate S.No. 2814 known as the anti-discrimination law to protect cultural minorities,IP’s and racial and religious discrimination.Sen Miriam amended the law on the floor to include gay rights and others.

The Pilgrimage kicks off on 5 December in Davao City.Other vehicle caravans from the other parts of Mindanao and the Visayas start after this and are expected to arrive  10 December at Lipa for the Our Lady of the Mediatrix of Grace event.She is the pro-lifers greatest intercessor against the RH Bill.The Vis Min caravans are being coordinated by HLI thru Dr.Ligaya Acosta and will proceed to Manila  on 11 Dec for the convergence.

Other caravans from Manila and Luzon  will converge  on 11Dec at the Luneta by 1 Pm , while other  metro manila /luzon groups including the Soldiers of Christ vehicle caravans  converge at  8 am at the  St Peter – Commonwealth to join the other group by 11 am at the Manila Hotel area.

A much longer Roxas Blvd vehicle caravan  to Baclaran and back by 1 Pm to Luneta starts the parade of holy  images for public viewing around the park.

Aside from the procession of the holy images expected to be at  200 or more there will be by 3 pm the Divine Mercy Chaplet prayers.

A pro-life /NO to RH /NO to Same Sex Union program will start about 4 pm and we are inviting our pro-life leaders to talk about the fight for life.

By about   6 pm the Sunday Mass will start with Bishop Bacani as main celebrant.This ends the program for the National Pilgrimage and the next speakers from Soldiers of Christ are  those women who have experienced abortion and will be sharing their transformation.Healing sessions will follow until 11 PM.

Please advise  your parishes and organizations to join with images of Mother Mary & Jesus ,Divine Mercy and others mounted on vehicles with loud speakers praying the rosary .Our brother of other faiths that are strongly against the RH Bill,Same Sex Unions and defense of Family are also enjoined to attend at the Luneta.

Pro-life Philippines may be contacted for further information at 7337027 ask for Lorna.Also listen to Radio Veritas for updates about  this pilgrimage.

We also are soliciting in cash or in kind donations to defray the rental costs of 20  portalets,(P2500/unit) ,rental of chairs, light ,sounds and stage preparations eg the LED display(P82,000)  , 500 sets of  drinks and snacks for the working teams, also needing  lay ministers and  marshals volunteers from lay organizations,medical teams and ambulance  for first aid and traffic and security coordinators etc etc.

The pro-life coalition members and the lay religious groups are  requested to help in making this event a memorable advent activity for Christmas.

Merry Christmas starts now!