Not Just a Happy Marriage but a Better Marriage!

“Madali magsinungaling kahit nasa community. Pag mag-isa ka na lang, are you truly faithful to your wife/husband?” (it is easy to lie even in community. When no one is looking, are you truly faithful to your wife/husband?)

Fr. Jude Rebaldo’s statement surely had around 300 couples and singles thinking during the launch of his newest book, Better Marriage, last July 26, 2012 at the Resurrection of Our Lord Parish, BF Homes, Paranaque.

Fr. Rebaldo, whose other book entitled, When Your Spouse Isn’t Yours Anymore, was the grand winner of CMMA’s Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Awards for the Family Life Category in 2011. He is currently serving as the parish priest of San Lorenzo de Manila Parish in Camaligan, Batan, Aklan. In Better Marriage: Better Marriage: Achieving a Lasting Better Marriage through Faith and True Love, Fr. Rebaldo shares his insights on how Christian couples can make a marriage work in times of trials and challenges.

During the recently held book launch, Fr. Rebaldo candidly shared his experiences in counselling married couples and even couples who come to him for interview prior to getting married. It is from these countless experiences that he was moved to write a book that would answer to need of many married couples nowadays on how to have not just a happy marriage but a “better one.”

He stressed, so many times, the sanctity of matrimony and how it seems to be lost in today’s generation. “Dati, bago ikasal, sinasabi ng asawa, “gusto ko siyang paligayahin.” Pero pag nagsama na at dumating na ang napakaraming problema, ang rason ng hiwalayan? “Gusto ko na maging masaya.” (Before marriage, the spouse says, “I want to make him/her happy. But when the ceremony is over and then the many problems come within the years of togetherness, the reason for wanting to get out becomes, “I want to be the one happy this time.) 

This pervading idea made Fr. Rebaldo call out to the singles present in his book launch to “never enter marriage carrying baggage.” He then proceeded to give out concrete examples of marriages he witnessed from the marriage interview to the end of it.

Citing sources from the bible, he reminded the audience, especially the married couples present, that “it is a sin to have the personal choice to let the love in a marriage die!” To achieve a Christ-centered, better marriage, he ended his talk citing the tips he wrote lengthily in his book.

To provide a concrete and refreshing correlation to his talk, Caloy and Lydia Leano, a couple married for 61 years shared their story from courtship to present.

They shared how they became friends in high school and entered the courtship stage when they met again during college. Lydia shared how Caloy proposed marriage and how she told him to give it two more years. She shared how she was not in a rush to get married, even if she knew that he was “the one.” “I said, one year for him to serve his parents for the many years they provided him of everything he needed. One more year, too, for him to reflect if he really wanted to be with me,” Mrs. Leano shared. “I knew we were different. He was the quiet one, I was talkative. And it is because of these differences that I did not rush to say yes to his proposal. I waited.” Sharing the many years of togetherness, they said that it was their differences that made them strive hard to communicate well instead of using these as points of arguments. To achieve their lasting marriage, Mrs. Leano said, “True love and a sense of togetherness.” She added one more point that elicited laughter from the audience, “…and be good to your in-laws!”

Giving insight to the young, they ended with this statement: “For love to endure it has to be pure!”

Sponsors of the event were: ROLP-Commission on the Family, headed by Jesse and Nil Munoz, Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life and St. Paul’s Publishing. CFC-FFL Paranaque’s music ministry and Mr. Anton Padua led everyone to opening worship. Opening remarks was given by ROLP Parish Pastoral council head, Ciel Ortiz. A raffle and book signing ended the night. On top of the book launch was Jaisa Candelaria and the entire ROLP community.

Fr. Jude Isidro Acevedo Rebaldo’s books are available exclusively in all St. Paul’s outlets nationwide.


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