(Part 81)


March 28, 2017

Pope Francis affirms various important aspects of our work of evangelization. First, we  not only proclaim the gospel but we bear witness. As such we are called to holiness of life. Second, we are mere instruments and truly unprofitable servants. As such we are called to authentic servanthood. Third, there will be suffering and pain. As such we are called to the gospel of the cross. Finally, we are to rejoice always, even in trials and suffering, or precisely in such suffering, for the privilege that it is.


Pope Francis, in Milan, speaks on evangelization

March 27, 2017

On March 25, Pope Francis traveled to Milan, Italy’s second-largest city and Europe’s largest diocese, in the 13th apostolic journey of his pontificate within Italy.

Asked by a priest about evangelizing in current secular and multicultural conditions, the Pope had a lengthy prepared answer but said extemporaneously:

You know that evangelization is not always a synonym for catching fish: it is going out, into to deep, bearing witness … and then it is the Lord, He “catches the fish”. When, how and where, we do not know. And this is very important. And also starting from this reality, that we are tools, useless tools … A sad evangelizer is one who is not convinced that Jesus is joy, that Jesus brings us joy, and when He calls you He changes your life and gives you joy, and He sends you in joy, even on the cross, but in joy, to evangelize.

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