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February 22, 2015

We have what Pope Francis desires for Catholic youth: Live Pure and the LCSC LCS for youth.


Be pure of heart, Pope says in message to youth

Catholic World News – February 17, 2015

Pope Francis has devoted his 2015 World Youth Day message to the theme of purity of heart.

In the years between the major international gatherings, World Youth Day is celebrated locally on Palm Sunday. The last international World Youth Day took place in Rio de Janeiro in 2013, and the next will take place in Kraków in 2016.

In his message, the Pontiff reflected on the desire for happiness, purity of heart, and the vision of God.

“Dear young men and women, in Christ you find fulfilled your every desire for goodness and happiness,” he said. “He alone can satisfy your deepest longings, which are so often clouded by deceptive worldly promises.”

While concern for the purity of air and water is laudable, “how much more do we need to protect the purity of what is most precious of all: our heart and our relationships,” the Pope added. This ‘human ecology’ will help us to breathe the pure air that comes from beauty, from true love, and from holiness.”

Pope Francis also discussed the importance of confession, prayer before the tabernacle, the frequent reading of Scripture, encountering Christ in the poor, and vocation.

“How beautiful it is to see young people who embrace the call to dedicate themselves fully to Christ and to the service of his Church,” he said. “Challenge yourselves, and with a pure heart do not be afraid of what God is asking of you! From your ‘yes’ to the Lord’s call, you will become new seeds of hope in the Church and in society. Never forget: God’s will is our happiness!”

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