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(Part 162)


February 12, 2018

Today’s psalm:  Psalm 119:67-68,71-72,75-76

Political correctness in the Church is about accepting, embracing, welcoming and accompanying sinners, but without talking about their sin. Political correctness does not want to offend or to hurt, and for many, the most offensive is being told that they are in sin. But the way to a true life in Christ is to turn away from sin, and not be made comfortable in one’s sin. In today’s liberal environment, one must be told about his/her sin, as they might not know, or might have been told it is OK. We cannot make it to heaven with watered-down theology.

Now the authentic gospel is the gospel of the cross. We get to heaven not in first-class comfort but by embracing the cross. Oftentimes we are afflicted in life, which God allows, or even causes, in order to draw us to Himself. The comfortable or secure person is often the one who strays from the right path. After all, he has no desperate need for God. But the one who is desperate is the one who starts to seek God intently, looking to the only One who can give him relief.

So it is all right, and actually good, to make people uncomfortable when they are in sin, by confronting them with their sin. They must be afflicted with the painful truth. They must be told what is the authentic law of God and teachings of Christ and his Church. “Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I hold to your promise. You are good and do what is good; teach me your statutes.” (v.67-68). “It was good for me to be afflicted, in order to learn your statutes.” (v.71a).

So we speak the truth to people. We speak of righteousness and getting out of sin. We proclaim the hard truths of the gospel, so sinners will be afflicted with the truth. “I know, Lord, that your judgments are righteous; though you afflict me, you are faithful.” (v.75).  God manifests His faithfulness in telling people, “sin no more.”

Political correctness is false mercy. How can it be mercy if people are left in their sins, and miss out on heaven? Jesus promised that he had a place for us in heaven, and gave his life in order to make that possible. Now it is up to us. Sinners need to repent. Pastors need to proclaim the truth and help people get out of sin, and not leave them comfortable in their sin. This is true mercy. “May your mercy comfort me in accord with your promise to your servant.” (v.76).

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