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(Part 161)


February 11, 2018

Today’s reading:  1 Corinthians 10:31-11:1

One scourge in the Church today is political correctness, by which one seeks not to offend another by one’s words or actions. That in itself is OK. Paul says, “Avoid giving offense” (v.32a). But when it is applied to pastoral care, then we have problems. Today, especially in the western world, pastors do not speak about the wrong that people do because it might hurt or offend them or make them feel excluded. So they keep quiet about sin and just accompany. Accompaniment by itself we need to do as part of pastoral care, but to just accompany, accept, embrace, without talking about one’s sin, is not helpful, as it leaves one in his sin, and may even confirm him in his sin. Why get out of sin if I am already accepted as I am?

So Paul was a nice fellow, as a Christian should be. He tried “to please everyone in every way” (v.33a). If we are people who love with the love of God, then we should indeed look to being able to please others. But being nice is not just so we can be looked on favorably by others. Rather, Paul was looking to the good of people, “not seeking (his) own benefit but that of the many” (v.33b). He wanted to help people be right with God. For what purpose? “That they may be saved.” (v.33c).

Sin, especially serious wrongdoing, breaks our relationship with God. Serious sin will even get us into hell. But the desire and aim of all should be to make it to heaven, to experience the salvation of Jesus. So pastors should lead people away from sin. That starts with talking to them about their sin. That precludes political correctness.

To accompany sinners without talking of their sin is not love. It is false mercy. Serious sin will keep God’s people from Him. It will not be for their good, nor will it be for the glory of God. As it is, “whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God.” (v.31). Whatever you do. Especially if you are a pastor relied on by God for the salvation of His people.

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