Once, a man of the world. Now, a man of the Word.

Everyone knows Frank Padilla, Servant General and Founder of Couples for Christ. But do you know who he WAS? His story comes straight out of a novel. With twists and turns, near-death experiences and high drama. But all that changed when he chose God.

Now his twists and turns come from traveling the world spreading the Gospel. He has death-defying and high drama moments with his adventures with nature. And all that comes out from an endless spring of God’s love.

And we can all have that, too. Choose God. he chose you first.


  1. Praise God .
    We thank Him for choosing Frank and showing us how to anwser to His choice.
    Thank you Frank.
    John Peter

  2. We (CFC-FFL VIENNA) praise and thank GOD for the gifts given to Bro. Frank.We really salute him for who,what and how he is to God´s call.

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