One great encounter

for wyd(by Jo-I Villas)

My desire to go to the World Youth Day in Brazil is motivated by my longing to meet and experience Christ. I may not have been able to go to past WYD celebrations but seeing friends and other people after their experience made me desire it even more. It was fun as they say but it is the Jesus Christ experience that I long to experience too. I do experience Christ every day. However, if given the chance to be there in Brazil I know it would be one great encounter with God and his people. What excites me to be there is the fact that I would be with multitudes of people sharing the same faith and conviction of being a catholic. As a new fulltime missionary, I believe that I would benefit and be deepened by the experience. The Celebration carries this theme, Go and make disciples of all nations.

It would be special for me to celebrate and start my first year of being a fulltime missionary to be commissioned together with young people around the world. It is a sign and declaration that I am taking part of the mission of evangelizing the world. My desire is that I want my faith to be strengthened.  Based on the stories from people who had the privilege of being able to go to the past WYD it is a life changing experience. So, I desire that I would be transformed even more to the person that God wants me to be. I know, it is an experience that would help grow in holiness that’s why I desire it. The World youth day would deepen my relationship with God thus will make me bolder in doing my mission.

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